HD Nails

Do you want a bit of sparkle in your life?

HD acrylic nails with swarovski crystals can help, your finger nails will look fabulous with a huge choice of colours and decorations – or why not get your toes done for that summer or party look?

Acrylic Nails £30.00
Swarovski Toes £35.00
Infills £30.00
Cluster lashess £20.00
HD Brows £25.00

2 comments on “HD Nails

  1. Kelly

    Hiya. I was wondering what products do you use on the nails? Is it nsi or something else? Also do you file by hand or electrically? Thanks x

  2. hi Kelly

    Hollie uses nsi products and files by hand she does have an electric drill that she uses to take the shine off the nail when infilling but never uses it on your natural nail xx